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5 Illegal Immigrants Caught Off Ritidian

5 Illegal Immigrants Caught Off Ritidian

With the possibility of a storm approaching the last place you’d want to be is in the water, and especially one of the most dangerous areas: Ritidian. Early this morning, however, that’s’ exactly what federal and local officials believe a boat dropped off a number of illegal immigrants trying to make a break for freedom.

Jess Fejeran and Juan Reyes know all there is to know about Ritidian – “This is our fishing ground,” the former explained. Yet today there was more than just fish being caught there. “We were going fishing probably around 9 o’clock when we were heading down we saw the Chinese people,” recalled Jess.

A federal and local search was launched at about 9 this morning, scouring the Ritidian and Urunao area for alleged illegal immigrants who managed to break Guam’s borders. Jess speculated, “As we know they apprehended two.” Taking the search from the sky the Navy’s HSC-25. By sea the search was conducted by the United States Coast Guard and Guam Fire Department, and by land the Guam Police Department and agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

According to a media release it was employees of the Guam Fisheries and Wildlife agency that made a report this morning, stating that they found two people in the Ritidian and Urunao area. A total of five people altogether were apprehended. Today’s incident is reminiscent of other attempts of illegal entry. In 1999 boatloads of Chinese immigrants were invading Guam’s shores, testing the resiliency Guam’s local and federal law enforcement community.

In the meantime, Jess and Juan say today’s spotting of illegal immigrants wasn’t unusual, because they see them all the time. But this time, something was actually done about it. Jess said, “One of the things that we noticed around here we told GPD. At first we thought it was tourists; we’ve been seeing Chinese immigrants. Now that I think of it, they’ve been coming in here left and right.”